Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Duotrope and other things

Duotrope Digest is a place like Ralan's. They have us as closed. I can't imagine that they are ignoring my emails to take the sign down, but it's still there. I'm sure that whoever it was that informed them that Static was closed was doing what they thought was right. But here is an idea, before such a move, why not contact the site and make sure? Why am I mad about this? I can go into the stats counter and I can see what site people are coming from and there have been quite a few from Duotrope...I count these as lost submissions and it's not cool. They also have us listed as giving out form rejections I think, if I'm reading the site right - I've never given a form rejection but gee, I guess I should be flattered that people think it's a form...I suppose.

Keith Graham has an AstoundingTales archive, if you had stories published there you might think about going over and having them added to the archive so that your site can have a live link to your stories...publishers DO look at your site, and they DO go and look at your work...links are important.

Dead Vault This is a new magazine that pays and is in print and online...go submit something, they are very nice. Okay, I was rejected, but it was a personal (no forms there) rejection with a reason. I'd like to see some familiar names in their first issue so someone go on over there.