Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Print Static Movement is almost a done deal...

I just looked over the pdf. for the print issue of Static Movement and it's just beautiful. Paul and RAZAR Productions has done an incredible job, this is something we can all be proud of. Here is the line up of work going in, in the order that they will apprear in the magazine, I'll add the names later...

1. A Crow Thinks About Strawberries
2. Another Writer’s Tale
3. Arena
4. Bird Catching
5. Bluebeards Castle
6. Climb
7. On the Pedestal
8. Coming Home
10. Dead Lilacs
11. El Gallito
12. Embracing Insanity When it Calls Unannounced
13. Fiona and the Cranes
14. Gonna Get Close to You
15. Homecoming
16. In the Beginning
17. Monsters in the Woods
18. Note to Self
19. Other Side of the Fence
20. Prison Eyes
21. Quiet
22. Reticulum Rhomboidalis
23. Sergeant Malvern
24. Seth
25. The Barn
26. The Compass
27. The Death Of Ophelia
28. The First Warrior
29. The Gift
30. The Haunting of Windham Hospital
31. The Last Adam
32. The Night Stalker
33. The School
34. The Unwavering Slayer of Dragons
35. Through the Stone Gate
36. Touch Me
37. Wait your Turn
With illustrations by Paul Campbell, Kevin James Hurtack, Thomas Futrell, and John D. Stanton, and me.


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cannot wait to see it Chris!

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